A Silver Saint (シルバーセイント; Shirubāseinto) is one of the owners of the 24 Silver Cloths.

They wear the 24 Silver Cloths. Some dedicate themselves to train other saints and some of them can even master the seventh sense.

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Silver saints are battle specialists with sometimes powerful equipments of tools and weapons to strengthen their capacities, although the general rule of saints prefers unarmed combat. When they receive an assignment from the sanctuary, they go to any part of the world to fulfill it whatever the cost, using all their power and sometimes bringing also some Bronze Saints as support. While the bronze saints are somehow novices, the silver saints represent the true concept of a saint of Athena, with respectable strength and cosmos, although the most fearful menaces are possible to fight only with the aid of the Gold Saints.

The power of Silver Saints overcomes greatly that of the Bronze Saints with the weakest silver saint being at least twice as strong as a regular bronze saint but they can be several times stronger, with the power to reach the speed of Mach 5. Their cosmos is not completely awakened but they have a wide knowledge on it.

There are a few silver saints who are said to be even stronger than the Gold Saints like Lyra Orphée said to be the legendary Saint, Crateris Suikyō and Altar Hakurei, as strong as the Pope Cancer Sage. Another mission given by the sanctuary to the silver saints is the one to take care of the cloths that don't have owners. It is not rare to see silver saints training potential saint candidates.

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