The Saints of Athena (アテナのセイント; Atena no Seinto), are the 88 warriors who fight for the goddess Athena.

Overview Edit

Warriors of Athena, saints are both the defense and offense of the goddess, they wear armors known as cloths, the design of wich derive from the constellations the saint is born under.

Powers Edit

By using the power of the cosmos, saints can either break or transform atoms and so are said to be able to cut the skies with a punch and crack the earth with a kick. Some saints can generate illusions, teleporting using telekinesis or control the temperature of their cosmos, generating either fire or ice, but some go as far as bending time and space or sending one's mind to underworld.

Division Edit

Saints are divided into three main classes: Gold Saints (bearing the Gold Cloths), Silver Saints (bearing the Silver Cloths) and Bronze Saints (bearing the Bronze Cloths). There are four saints that are not included in this classification, they are known as the Unknown Saints (bearing the Unknown Cloths).