Earthly Bestial Star, Cait Sith Cheshire (地獣星ケット・シーのチェシャ, Chijūsei Ketto Shī no Chesha?) is a Terrestrial Star Specter.

Earthly Bestial Star, Cait Sith Cheshire
Classification Caith Sith Earthly Specter
Aura type Unknown
Armor Cait Sith Surplice
Constellation/Star Earthly Bestial Star
Date of birth Unknown
Sign Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Place of birth Unknown
Place of training None
Teacher None
Relations Sylph Edward (friend), Hades (god), Pandora
Status Alive

He is Pandora's most trusted specter, acting more like a servant than a warrior, as he's seen riding Pandora's carriage and guiding the specters that invaded Jamir. His mannerisms are depicted in the stereotypical feline behavior common in manga and anime. Currently, he scorts Pandora in her quest to punish Alone, and still hasn't exhibited any abilities or intention to fight yet. Reminiscing about their encounter in Jamir, Cheshire prepared to engage Tenma in battle before being interrupted.

Trivia Edit

  • His bishounen appearance is alike on both anime and manga, but he looks more "girly" in the manga.
  • He seems to be very afraid of both Hypnos and Thanatos.

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